fingertip maestro music app

Fingertip Maestro Music App

iPhone/iPad app designed to make playing the piano and 21 other instruments easy and intuitive. It gives people with no musical knowledge or training, the ability to play convincingly and dynamically, creating music with the feeling and texture of an experienced musician.

For those that can already play, it's a great way to quickly generate chord progressions, riffs and melodies for new songs. With it's intuitive design and great playability, creating music has never been so much fun.

simple music creator app
augmented reality app design

Kasa Technology Platform

We have developed the complete end to end solution for a memorial plaque engraving company. Including backend and SAAS development of a web platform which interfaces with their lazer engraving equipment.

We also developed the supporting augmented reality applications for IOS and Android which can be used as both sales tools by their sales agents, and by end consumers who can interface with audio visual content hosted by the plaques by using the Kasa Mobile application. 


lazer engraving application
medical adherence analytics website

DoseSmart Medication Adherence Web Platform.

Our designers and developers have worked on silicon Valley start up DoseSmarts platform, including design work on the mobile application, websites, branding, pitch decks, and development work for the creation of the web service.


dosesmart medical website design
cashin amazon app


Cashin! is an analytic and sales alert app for amazon sellers. It allows you to customize unique notification sounds when you reach certain sales milestones, or sales on specific products.

It also gives detailed and attractive analytic information on your sales performance, so you always know exactly how your products are performing.

amazon mobile app photo
game jam game

Mini Game Jams

We partnered up with many talented designers, developers, creatives, and decided to challenge ourselves. The goal was simple, make a simple game from scratch for iOS and submit it to the store in 48 hours.

A couple of these games grew into larger projects such as our brain teasing maths game 8 sum 8, but principally they we're run as rapid development team building exercises.

ios maths game